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Community Issues of Top Priority:

Education -

Secure additional funding and continued support of the upgrade of buildings and facilities and provide for the relief of overcrowded classrooms at Campbell High.  Refurbishing outdated buildings and replacing outdated classroom equipment at Ilima Intermediate and relieve overcrowded classrooms at all our district elementary schools with the construction of the planned 6th grade building.  Support of a major expansion of Holomua Elementary. Campus beautification, replacing outdated equipment and on-going monitoring of the water system at Iroquois Point Elementary.  Implementation of career focused elective courses (ie: building and construction trades, maritime industry trades, tourism, international business) beginning at the intermediate school level. Support of parental rights regarding all aspects of their children's education. Support of school-level decision making with accountability measures that teachers and principals can trust.  Active engagement with teachers, principals and PTA's of every school in District 40.


Safe Neighborhoods -

Support the expansion of community policing through HPD's Weed & Seed Program and the

District 8 Neighborhood Watch group. Promote frequent community awareness meetings where law enforcement and community members can share community concerns. Active communities serve as partners in helping law enforcement to deter crime.


Kupuna Care -

Help elderly community members with resoucres for affordable housing rentals, quality & affordable health and long-term care, food sercurity, fraud awareness and protection services.  Support property tax relief for elderly homeowners.  

Homeless/Housing Crisis -

Implementation of "direct connect" outreach programs staffed with certified community health professionals who can connect with, assess, track, monitor, refer services and perform service referral follow-ups with individual members of the homeless community. It is only when a safe, trusted connection is made that we can get to the root issues of an individual's homeless situation; and it is only then that we can provide proper services to address those issues. Incentivize follow-through of referral services with support OR denial of state welfare services.  Support programs for re-unification with family living outside the state.


Restore Government Trust -

Support improving clear transparency in ALL areas of government processes, ensuring that true accountability with stern punishments for those who abuse political power.


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